Without New York as a reference, coffee conilon operates with stability in London

The conilon coffee futures market operates with stability on the morning of this Monday (17) at the London Stock Exchange. This Monday (17) is the Martin Luther King Day holiday in the USA and that’s why the New York and Chicago stock exchanges do not work. 

Around 10:07 am (Brasilia time), March/22 was up US$2 per ton, trading at US$2230, May/22 was up US$2 per ton, quoted at US$2196, July/22 had high of US$ 1 per ton, worth US$ 2186 and September/22 advanced US$ 1 per ton, negotiated for US$ 2182. 

Without the reference to Arabica coffee, the trend is that both the London Stock Exchange and the physical market in Brazil will have a day of few variations and closed deals. 

For the week, the coffee market should continue to follow the evolution of the Brazilian crop and the news in other coffee producing origins. Concern about grain supply remains on the market’s radar, supporting prices. 

Source: NoticiasAgricolas

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